Club Champs

Ladies Singles

2013/2014 J Sheppard

2015/2016 B Duprouilh

2016/2017 Not played

2017/2018 H McLachlan

2018/2019 H McLachlan

Ladies Doubles

2012/2013 H McLachlan and J Sheppard

2013/2014 H McLachlan and J Sheppard

2014/2015 H McLachlan and J Sheppard

2015/2016 H McLachlan and J Sheppard

2016/2017 H McLachlan and J Sheppard

2017/2018 H McLachlan and J Sheppard

2018/2019 H McLachlan and C Staudt

Mixed Doubles 

2012/2013 L Williams and A Streeter

2013/2014 H McLachlan and R McNabb

2014/2015 B Duprouilh and J Meier

2015/2016 H McLachlan and R McNabb

2016/2017 Not played

2017/2018 H McLachlan and R McNabb

2018/2019 M Williamson and I Knott

Men’s Singles

2012/2013 R McNabb

2013/2014 R McNabb

2014/2015 L McNabb

2015/2016 L McNabb

2016/2017 Not played

2017/2018 R McNabb

2018/2019 R McNabb

Men’s Doubles

2012/2013 L McNabb and R McNabb

2013/2014 M Flewellen and A Streeter

2014/2015 N Leeming and A Streeter

2015/2016 A Streeter and S Lean-Massey

2016/2017 L McNabb and S Lean-Massey

2017/2018 L McNabb and E Cooke

2018/2019 L McNabb and E Cooke

Boys Doubles

2013 A Chapman and J Sikma

2014 L McNabb and P Reily

2015 L McNabb and L McNabb

2018/2019 E Cooke and T Eden

Junior Mixed Doubles 

2014 J Tater and T Logchies

2015 R Davies and T Logchies

2018/2019 M Williamson and E Cooke

Girls Open

2014 M Williamson

2015 M Williamson

2018/2019 M Williamson

Boys Open

2013 L McNabb

2014 L McNabb

2015 L McNabb

2018/2019 E Cooke

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